Order fulfillment

Lot of retailers we speak with are concerned about the profitability in grocery e-commerce. Pick-pack-delivery costs can be as high as 15% and refund rates due to the employee errors can be as high as 6%.

Homesome's proprietary picking app and delivery automations help retailers effectively overcome these challenges and ensure profitability in their e-commerce operations.

Picking app

Homesome picking app ensures 99.5% picking accuracy with embedded barcode scanner and built in support for price embedded barcodes.

Our picking app also enables real time chatting with the customer to ensure high customer satisfaction in all situations including out of stock and substitutions.

Delivery automation

Homesome offers ready to use integrations with Uber and DoorDash for the last mile fulfillment. Our deep integration requires the on-demand drivers to scan the bag tags ensuring accurate pick up and delivery of the right bags to the right customers.

With Homesome, grocers can bid high delivery costs adieu and get up to 56% discounted delivery rates.

Patel Brothers

4 Times increase in online customers

“Homesome makes it really easy and seamless to offer online ordering from our high volume stores with full POS, inventory, payments and delivery integrations. The people behind Homesome really care about our success and are one of the main reasons we are embarking to offer online ordering, curbside pick-up and delivery at our 50+ stores.”

Michael Patel
Partner, Patel Brothers