Data & analytics

As per a recent McKinsey & Company report, over the course of the last 5 years, Total Return to Shareholders of digital grocery leaders have grown twice the rate of digital laggards.

To harness technology and become digital leaders, grocers must use data as a foundation for driving all improvements.

Data ownership

On Homesome, you own all your customer and e-commerce data. Exactly as it should be! In order to emerge as a winner in the digital transformation, grocers must reimagine themselves as data driven businesses.

Grocers must own all aspects of customer relationships and leverage powerful analytics to drive data driven improvements across the business. Homesome enables you to do just that through powerful analytics.

Powerful analytics

Homesome platform offers powerful analytics so you can ensure amazing customer experience, and identify & drive the right business improvements.

Homesome's analytics in the areas of Sales & Profitability, Category Management, User Behavior/Journey, Picking Efficiency, Fill Rate, Substitution Effectiveness & much more enable your business to deliver high growth and profitability.

Rainbow Grocery

96.1% item found rate

“Homesome is not only our software provider but always works with us as a true partner. They are with us every step along the way to ensure our new online business is a success, and our customers always receive the top notch, personalized and friendly experience they expect from Rainbow.”

B. Baumann
Member, Rainbow Grocery Co-Op