Helping supermarkets build a thriving online business.

Homesome is a revolutionary e-commerce platform for grocery stores. We are bringing our enterprise grade digital commerce, & marketing technologies to every supermarket in the US. Excited to learn more?

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Helping supermarkets build a thriving online business.

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Why Homesome

Zero to Online in 2 weeks

Just Sign Up! Your online store will be ready within 2 weeks. Our proprietary automation magically figures out your store inventory. No more walking through the isles with scanners or pen & paper. Our team does all the work behind the scenes to get you online within 2 weeks.

Your Brand Your Customers Your Data

You worked hard to build your brand, the brand your customers swear by. Now take that brand online, and earn new loyal customers. Don’t settle for being an option in someone else’s app. With Homesome, make your own mark online with your branded websites and let your customers buy directly from you. And guess who owns the user and business data – YOU!

Grow profitably

Frustrated with high percentage based commissions and no control on pricing? Look no further, Homesome offers flat fee structure, no on-boarding fees and enables high profitability with you having full control on everything.

All incremental revenue is instantly profitable with same margins as in-store sales.

Homesome customers on average add 40% incremental revenue within the first 3 months.

Delivery Automated

With Homesome, you can focus on what you do the best, prepare awesome orders for customers and we will get your deliveries done at the push of a button.

Homesome enables you to reach 80% US consumers through our national and regional delivery partners.

Customers Homesome

“In March 2020 lock-downs, Westside Market needed an online ordering solution to ensure we could continue to serve over hundred thousand New Yorkers. Homesome answered the call, and took our stores online within 10 days. Thousands immediately became our online customers and were grateful for the speedy response to the world changing events.”

George Zoitas
CEO, Westside Market NYC

“Homesome has been truly a game changer for us. It has enabled us to offer convenience of online ordering and make Apna Bazar shopping experience even more amazing. With Homesome, we are able to reach new markets and expand the reach of our brand in a capital efficient manner.”

Srini Sanagapalli
Partner, Apna Bazar

“Homesome is not only our software provider but always works with us as a true partner. They are with us every step along the way to ensure our new online business is a success, and our customers always receive the top notch service they expect from Garden Gourmet Market.”

Melbin Pineda
Online Manager, Garden Gourmet Market

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