Our Vision

Our vision for the Homesome Grocery OS is designed around four broad pillars. Let’s look at how each pillar addresses the core challenges facing the industry

Digital Transactions

Today’s customer is looking for utmost convenience, and personal & memorable shopping experiences. Nothing short of exceptional shopping experience is sufficient, in-store or online.

Homesome OS will enable grocers to deliver consistently exceptional and digital first experience to the customers online as well as in-store.

The online experience will offer customers a flexibility to get a quick delivery of key ingredients or schedule delivery of weekly groceries or even schedule pre-orders of holiday meals such as Thanksgiving turkeys, or catering for that special event. All in one consistently great experience.

The in-store experience will enable grocers to eliminate lines at the counters and enable ultra-fast frictionless checkout experience

Automated Operations

Grocery business is operationally super heavy. Labor market is constrained like never before. Hiring and retaining staff at the grocery stores is one of the most challenging aspects of running the business in this new normal.

Homesome OS will help grocers ensure accuracy and efficiency of operations through various connected apps and automation.

For example, Homesome Picking App already drives 75% efficiency improvement and 99.5% accuracy while picking online orders.

Homesome OS will automate tedious tasks such as inventory management and procurement and will help eliminate guesswork from these traditionally error prone tasks. So instead of walking through the aisles, grocers will be able to send orders to wholesalers with push of a button.

These are just examples; our goal is to automate and deliver technology first solutions to facilitate end-to-end spectrum of operations from invoice reconciliation to resource planning/scheduling to forecasting to payroll to tracking efficiency and customer experience etc. This module is the core brain of the entire Homesome OS.

Smart Analytics

The only way to grow a low margin grocery business in the new digital world is reinventing it on the foundation of data.

Homesome will enable grocers to identify and drive business improvements by presenting them insights from transaction and operations analytics.

Homesome will also enable grocers to identify gaps in their current offerings by providing industry and market benchmarking.

With Homesome Analytics, grocers will be able to forecast customers' needs and predict demand, then supply their business with the right resources in order to ensure high customer satisfaction and business profitability

Marketing Automation

As the grocery industry goes through digital transformation, the marketing techniques will also need to be reinvented. Gone are the days of mailing standard flyers to all your customers to drive up the retention. Promotional offers will need to be personalized and highly targeted.

The new location advantage will be attained by the businesses that dominate top search engines and social media platforms. Because this is where today’s consumer ‘hangs out’.

It is almost impossible to drive personalized and highly targeted marketing campaigns to a large customer with a fully manual toolset. Hence a new toolset is needed to help with the user segmentation, marketing automation and ROI analysis. Homesome OS will equip modern grocery marketers with this exact toolset.

It is important to note that not everything will be built from scratch in Homesome Grocery OS. We are building an open and extensible system. That means, Homesome OS will integrate with best-in-class tools and systems that solve a particular problem amazingly well, such as Meal Recipe Planning (MRP) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to name a couple. New developers will also be able to build innovative experiences and automated systems on top of Homesome OS APIs. We are building a truly open, extensible and customizable system.

We are excited about building this future of groceries and delivering on Homesome Grocery OS vision with our retail store customers, business partners and industry experts. To get involved, send a note to os@homesome.com

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