As per a recent report from McKinsey & Company, Product Quality (21% respondents) and Product Availability (16% respondents) are two of the top 5 factors preventing consumers from buying groceries online more frequently.

Grocery inventory tracking is inherently hard. Product mix is constantly evolving, and supply is always in a flux. This makes item availability predictions hard, and fulfilling orders with high customer satisfaction even harder.

Proprietary predictive algorithm

Homesome’s predictive algorithm creates the magic on top of items and transactions data.

Our proprietary algorithm ensures 96.1% item found rate on the online orders.

(% of items found on shelves from what customers ordered online).

Economies of scale

Homesome's inventory prediction algorithm uses machine learning to become better as it is used more.

The more data it receives from the POS and the picking app, the better the accuracy of predictions.

The average accuracy across our customer base has grown from 94% to 96.1% over the course of the last 12 months resulting in lower out of stock rates, higher picking efficiency and higher customer satisfaction.

westside market

15x Increase in online revenue

“In March 2020 lock-downs, Westside Market needed an online ordering solution to ensure we could continue to serve over hundred thousand New Yorkers. Homesome answered the call, and took our stores online within 10 days. Thousands immediately became our online customers and were grateful for the speedy response to the world changing events.”

George Zoitas
CEO, Westside Market NYC