Our Culture

We are driven by our customers, our people and the growth. This is our guiding principle behind the why, how and what of everything we do.


Homie, that’s what we call our team members who work at Homesome. Here is what it takes to be a Homie!


Help others succeed

We work, play and win as one team. We don’t call it going above and beyond when we help our teammates be successful. Helping each other means helping the team Homesome succeed. That’s the only way, we win as one team!


Obsess over customer

Everything we do starts with the customer at the center and ends with customer being successful on Homesome. We blow through all the obstacles in that quest. Everyone on the team owns the customer success end-to-end. Nothing else matters if customer doesn’t win.


Metrics Oriented

We consistently measure ourselves and our work. We define and use metrics to learn, iterate and improve in our quest to the desired outcome.


Impact Driven

We prioritize results and are extremely impact driven. Being impact driven means having a clarity of desired outcome from the beginning and being relentless in achieving the desired impact.


Excellence Mindset

Life is too short to spend time in doing something mediocre. We are building a category leading company, and the only way to achieve that is through excellence. We build the best products and ensure the top-notch customer experience! This doesn’t mean we don’t fail or make mistakes. Excellence is a path or a mindset and not a destination. Ones who demonstrate mindset of excellence are the ones who experiment, learn and iterate quickly!