Our History


Rahul started Homeome

Rahul started Homesome as an online grocery store after being frustrated with grocery delivery apps consistently missing a key ingredient in the order or performing bad substitution


The ‘déjà vu’

Couple of local San Jose grocery stores approach Homesome and asked for help with launching their online business. In those conversations, Rahul felt the ‘déjà vu’ of the e-commerce growth in the 21st century, and how that caused all the brick-n-mortar electronics retailers to go out of the business.

After talking to a dozen retailers, Rahul developed a strong conviction that the fate like electronic retailers was waiting for the independent grocers. To change this future, and help independent grocers thrive Homesome pivoted to being an e-commerce platform for groceries. The mission became ‘enabling every independent grocer become the Amazon of their neighborhood’.


The Growth

Homesome grocery e-commerce platform hit the ground running. Growing 500% in the debut year and onboarding key independent grocers on the west coast.


Yes! its 1800%

COVID-19 pandemic hit the world and e-commerce became an absolute necessity for every grocery business. Homesome experienced an explosive growth and increased the footprint nationwide growing 1800% year over year.

2021 & 2022

At Present

Homesome continued high growth, onboarding high profile independent grocers across the country such as Erewhon, Westside Market, Healthy Living Market, Patel Brothers & Mustard Seed etc.

Homesome name is the play on words “home delivery of wholesome groceries”